5 Best Headlamps For Running 2022

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There are several reasons for a runner to get a headlamp. If you run at night, a running headlamp will be very helpful concerning security and efficiency.  Not everybody has the time to run in the day time, but some have the time to run at night. It is very important to see what’s in front of you or to get seen. Assume that you are a trail runner, and you chose night. Wouldn’t it be better with a headlamp? Of course, it would.

In this article, I have shared some of the best headlamps for runners. I firmly believe that these headlamps will help you to maximize your running experience. No more darkness on that dark trail road. These will be very effective on dark streets too. There is a short and sweet comparison of headlamps to quickly get an overview.

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How To Choose the Best Headlamp for running?

There are several factors that need to be checked before buying a headlamp. Long story short, check these points while getting a headlamp

  • Lumens: If you need more brightness, you need to grab a Headlamp with more lumens (More one lumens)
  • Adjustability: You need to check if the headlamp allows you to adjust it easily or not. Easy to adjust headlamps are preferred
  • Weight: You need a headlamp which is lightweight. Otherwise, you will feel uncomfortable
  • Comfort: Grab a headlamp which is comfortable to the users.
  • Durability: Obviously, this was coming. We are not getting a headlamp for one night stand, right? We need a headlamp which will last for a long time. This is why durability is a big issue.
  • Light settings: Some headlamps comes with different types of pre-set settings for the users
  • Waterproof: A lot of headlamps in the market are waterproof with different ratings. (Waterproof ratings: Wikipedia)

Foxelli Headlamp Flashlight for Runner

Foxelli Headlamp Flashlight for Runner

Foxelli is one of the best headlamps for runners. It uses the super bright Cree-3W LED technology with the 60-meter beam. It offers SOS, strobe mode and emergency whistle for safety. The wide variety of white and red light mode allows you to get noticed on the night. What’s more, it is even waterproof. Unlike other cheap headlamps for runners, this one has high durability. The battery life of this headlamp has a very good decent battery which can last up to 45 hours of run-time.

Notable Features:

  • Waterproof : This headlamp is rated IPX5
  • Lightweight yet durable
  • Due to the low weight, it’s comfortable to the user
  • Can be adjusted easily and quickly
  • Great battery life


LED Headlamp For running

LED Headlamp For running by NorthBound Train

This is an LED headlamp from NorthBound Train. A runner needs a headlamp that won’t cause any trouble or out weight on the head.  Thanks to NorthBoynd Train for making this lightweight headlamp for runners. It weighs only 3.20z and can be adjusted for both adults and kids.

Headlamp can be adjusted for both adults and kids

The pelican-style waterproof hard case even adds more value to this headlamp. You can dim the white light if you want. You can use one button to cast the light up to 100ft.

Notable Features:

  • Different options for running, working, camping and more
  • Very lightweight yet durable
  • Strobe light and red light
  • Waterproof rated IPX4


Black Diamond ReVolt Headlamp

Black Diamond ReVolt

Black Diamond’s headlamps are quite popular and offer great service. Revolt Headlamp is a versatile headlamp that can be used for several types of activities. The lumens of power are 130 to run through the dark and show the way. If you are up to trial running, revolt can be very useful for you. Its proximity lighting provides a large area of light to see. If you want to dim the light you can do that easily. The rechargeable batteries charge is shown on the three-level power meter. However, you can use AAA batteries if you want. Great headlamp for trail runners.

Best headlamp for trail runners

Notable Features:

  • Can be used for different activities besides running
  • Three-level power meter to show battery life
  • 130 lumens of power


LE Headlamp LED Flashlight For Running

LE Headlamp LED Flashlight For Running

Looking for a cheap headlamp for running? Lighting ever’s one of the best flashlight for runners. It uses 3xAAA batteries which is included in the package. You can press the black rubber button on the right side of the headlamp. There are several modes which will on different types of light and light mode.

Notable Features:

  • 4 lightning modes for different activities
  • Waterproof IP44
  • Weighs only 2.85oz
  • Can be adjusted easily

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LED headlamp for running by Shining Buddy

LED headlamp for running Shining Buddy

Another cheap headlamp for running and other outdoor activities. This has 4 settings including high beam, low beam, red beam and red flashing. What’s more, this headlamp is very lightweight. Despite the fact that it is cheap, it is non-bobbing; this is a huge plus for runners. The 110 lumen provides the necessary power needed on the dark road.

Notable Features:

  • 110 lumens
  • Ultra-lightweight
  • Can be used for different types of activities
  • 4 settings to choose from

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Every runner should grab the appropriate headlamps for their night running time. Headlamps are not for fashion, but for security. These headlamps can be used for other purposes too. Try to check the required lumen, battery life, durability, different beam before getting your desired running headlamp. If your kid is also running at night, you need to get an adjustable headlamp. This way you can feel safe while running.

We will keep updating this list to provide more awesome headlamps for you to use. Meanwhile, if you have any favorite headlamp, share them in the comment section below.


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