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Do you have a running partner? Or, have you ever thought of having one? As a runner, the most important tool for your everyday running section is a running partner. Apart from having a coach to guide you on how well to improve your running skills, a running partner is a source of motivation.

Sometimes you might lose the interest or rather the motivation to run, but when you see the motivation from your partner, you quickly regain your strength. In addition, your partner will help you attain your goal – the fact that you choose a partner with the same goal as yours is an encouragement to help you accomplish the ultimate aim.

Choosing a running partner needs some careful consideration than just going to the field and getting anyone to run with. Without much ado, here are some of the most important things you should try to pick the right running partner.

10 Tips on How To Pick The Right Running Partner – Run Hard

1. Define your ultimate goal

People run for different reasons; some aim at being the next world champions in the 10000km marathon, others for health reasons such as losing weight, while others just run for fun. Knowing your ultimate goal will help you choose a partner who has the same aim as yours. This will always give you the motivation to run.

2. Look for several running partners

Relying only on one partner might not be possible in some instances. It’s nice to have several people who will fill the other person’s space in case of an injury or commitment. Also, it becomes monotonous to always run with the same person, which might slow down your motivation to run. Having running partners with different running capabilities enables you to comfortably adapt to certain different running pressures.

3. Look for someone who is a bit faster than you

Although the person might make you stretch beyond what you are used to, they will always give you the motivation to run faster. You will also get the chance to interact and ask several questions concerning your partner’s adaptability. Having a person with the same running pace as yours will not challenge you to make extra effort to run.

4. Join a local running club in your neighborhood

In the club, you will be able to identify a potential running partner. It is actually difficult to look for someone who has the same interest as yours if you are not a member of a running club. Some clubs even have running categories depending on the goals of the members.

5. Look for several online platforms

There are several websites that provide people with the opportunity to meet their running partners. JoggingBuddy.com which is free to join. Make follow-ups concerning the person with whom you have the same interest and goals. Talk to them, ask them questions concerning their running interest and their main goal. This will help you identify the person who is determined, as well as match your personal interests.

5. Look for several online platforms

Several websites provide people with the opportunity to meet their running partners. Such include the JoggingBuddy.com which is free to join. Make follow ups concerning the person whom you have the same interest and goals. Talk to them, ask them questions concerning their running interest and their main goal. This will help you identify the person who is determined, as well as matching your personal interests.

6. Consider a person you have compatible personalities with

People have different personalities. It is so easy to catch up with some personalities and work with them perfectly, while it is hard to work with others. If you always find yourself conflicting on every decision you make with your partner; then you will not make it to work well together. You will end up conflicting on important issues such as the right time to train – which will definitely affect your performance and consequently your ultimate goal. Pick that person with whom you will reach a certain agreement without having to disagree or bring conflict between or among yourselves.

7. Study the attitude of the person

Some people, although determined to attain their ultimate goal, will have a negative attitude toward the workout. A tendency to always complain about something, or always give excuses for failing to turn up for the exercise is not motivating at all. It is good to notice such habits early enough while still having several options to choose from, and avoid them. Such a person will end up pulling you behind and getting away with the only motivation you had for yourself.

8. Make as many friends as possible; who have the same aim as yours

It is only through making friends with people with the same aim as yours that can help you determine the right partner for yourself. The online platforms will enable you to meet as many people as possible. Take the initiative to interact with as many of them as you can. Then, plan on meeting and running together, this will help you determine whether that person is fit to be your running partner or not. Interacting with them will help you know their personalities, determination level, and character as well.

9. Only choose that person whom you are comfortable with

When you first interact with a person and get to exercise with them first, you will be able to tell whether you are comfortable with the person or not. Some people have a demanding nature that others will never feel comfortable with. Do not force yourself to adapt to exercising with a person you feel uncomfortable with. This will limit you from unveiling your full potential and hence end up disappointed, or even quitting before you attain your goal.

10. Go for that person who encourages you

Receiving negative comments from someone is discouraging. Negative comments such as, with that kind of body, you cannot make it to the end,’ are discouraging and heartbreaking. You will personally be affected and even decide to quit the running exercise. It is pretty good to choose a partner who will always encourage you – this gives you the motivation to work harder, as you feel encouraged.

In conclusion, getting people who run is easy, but getting that particular person who fits your preference and choice is challenging. It is good to take your time, interact and learn other people’s characters so that you can choose the right running partner whom you will work with, and ultimately attain your goal, as well as your partner’s goal.

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