10 Running Tips On How to Run Faster and Longer

Last Updated on May 9, 2016 by Afsar

If you are new to running, or you are already into running for a while, then you must be trying hard to run longer and faster. There are several various factors which might influence you to have a big run or run longer in different terrain or run faster than previous.

If you are trying to score a big run or run faster than the previous run, then these excellent tips will help you. It is not only scoring big runs, but you have to adapt or optimize it such a way that you don’t harm your body. You need to have a proper diet, proper training, route plan making, wearing perfect running shoe and adapt yourself to the running track. This will allow beginners to run faster and longer.

How to Run Faster and Longer

#1. Choosing the right terrain:

Some people loves to run on the trail, some on the street and some on the muddy road. You need to choose the best terrain for you. You need to understand which terrain is best for you.

#2. Choose the best running shoe:

You need to choose the best running shoe for yourself. There are different running shoes available for different terrain. By selecting the appropriate running shoe, you can maximize your running experience. See the 10 Best Running Shoes For Men 2015

#3. Warm up before running:

You need to warm up yourself for long running. To have a long run, you need to warm up your body thus you can have the advantage of starting your body function. You need to stretch first to start the warm up process. Don’t take too much time on warm up but a reasonable time.

#4. Make a routine or plan:

You need to make a routine of how and when you run. Running can make you feel dizzy sometimes that is why you need to set the time perfect. Some people likes to run in the morning, and some like to run in the night. You need to set the proper timing session of when and how much time you are willing to run. Some people thinks running one hour is long, and some thinks four-hour is long. It depends on the runner. However, to every people their running time is valuable, and it should be.

$5. Wear Comfortable Clothes:

Don’t wear clothes which make you feel heavy. It will affect your running process. You should wear clothes that help you to feel lighter thus enabling you to run faster. This gives you the ability to run few more miles. If you want to run longer, it is better to carry the essentials only. Don’t carry any bag or other things that might make you slow or feel tired.

#6. Start to increase the distance:

To run longer, you have to increase the running distance everyday. You have to start increasing your daily limits everyday to increase the running limit. Don’t push yourself too much to run for long miles rather prepare and slowly increase you running mileage. Start slowly and gradually push yourself to a long run.

#7. Test Speed Running: 

You should test your speed by taking a few five minutes run. Thus, you will understand whether you are able to run with stamina or not.

#8. Increase your Stamina: 

Run daily and keep running at a continuous pace by increasing the speed slowly. This is a good process to build up the process of increasing stamina day by day.

#9. Don’t Injure yourself: 

If you missed few miles for a day, then don’t try to make it up always. Don’t push yourself too much that you might get hurt. Try to make a chart to figure the trend. Try to see how your ran for the past weeks and make a plan accordingly.

#10. Get fueled up properly for running: 

Get proper nutritional food and get fueled up before running. Running will make you lose stamina that’s why you need to fuel up properly. Try to carry sports drink which will replenish your strength. This will make your running more stable and will help you to run for a longer time with steady or faster charge.

I hope these running tips on how to run faster and longer will help you to run faster on different tracks. If you are an athlete, you can follow these steps too. These running tips will help you to run smoothly, faster and longer.


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