10 Ways How Running Changes Your Body

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The benefits from running are just amazing! Any runner can tell you good stories about how running has positively impacted their lives. Running immediately improves your mood as the body releases the endorphins which are the feel good hormones. We have all seen the enviable bodies of runners. The long, lean and well-refined bodies are just but some of the benefits of running. Running tones your muscles and improves your cardiovascular health in a big way. People who run often never suffer from heart diseases, stroke or the coronary heart diseases.

Apart from the good mood, running impacts the body shape in several positive ways. Running changes your overall physical health and body composition. So, what are these changes the body undergoes during an average run over some period?

10 Ways How Running changes your body

1. Creates a stronger heart

Running is one of the best cardio exercises one can do from the comfort of their homes without visiting a gym. Running has been found to make the heart healthier and stronger. The strong pumping of the heart after a long run causes the heart to enlarge and decrease the function to the right ventricle. A stronger and healthier heart is a major benefit that prevents heart-related medical conditions. The blood circulation improves as blood vessels dilate.

2. Improved circulation

When we run, the heart beats harder and faster as it tries to pump blood to all parts of the body supplying organs with oxygen. The blood vessels will dilate as they try to get more blood to the muscles. As you make running more regular, the heart becomes stronger as seen above and more efficient at pumping blood. The body arteries, muscle cells, lung capacity and blood volume adapt to better exchange of carbon dioxide and oxygen. More capillaries that aid in gas exchange are developed. The improved circulation reduces the risks of arterial sclerosis and blockage of arterial pathways that cause heart attack and stroke.

3. Improved lung capacity

Lungs benefit greatly from running. When people start running, their lungs initially struggle to keep the body supplied with oxygen. However, this will change after some time as the lungs increase and can supply the body with oxygen better. Breathing feels normal and natural. Improved lung capacity allows you to engage in activities without running out of breath easily.

4. Gorgeous Calves

Developing gorgeous calves is probably among the first things you will notice about your body after running for some time. Your calves will be the nicest part of your legs. The legs feel stronger and sharp. Running is one of the best ways to develop great calves without calf raises.

5. A stronger core

Our body core holds us strong when standing to keep us well balanced. Running makes the core stronger giving us the much-needed stability. A strong core is beneficial in so many ways. It is the basis for an excellent six-pack. A stronger core will make you handle tougher tasks without getting tired faster. A stronger core is developed as running puts pressure on it.

6. Increased metabolism

Running will greatly boost your metabolism rates as the body gets used to burning calories faster. Improved metabolism helps supply the body with energy while helping burn calories. It is a great way for people to lose weight while preventing weight gain. The body energy requirement increases as people run making the body metabolize faster.

7. Improved muscular endurance

When you run, your body is moved like a projectile. The continuous contraction of the body muscles keeps the body in motion. Parts of the quadriceps, glutes, hamstrings and calves contract and relax in repeated motion throughout the run. This improves the muscle endurance by improving the capacity of the creating more energy through the breakdown of carbohydrates and fats. Improved muscular endurance will make you run for long without getting tired fast. Performance in the day to day activities will also be improved greatly.

8. Decreased body fat

Reducing the amount of fat in your body in beneficial in so many ways and running plays a big role in reducing the fats. Running is a great aerobic exercise that increases the caloric burn during the period of running and for an extended period. When the body fat goes down, muscles in the runner become prominent giving people that athletic physique. Decreasing the number of fats improves your physical appearance while keeping you at bay from heart diseases.

9. Better bone density

Running can greatly improve your overall bone density. Running builds bones and most runners have strong bones. Bones reform to stress by better handling the pressure that comes with running. The weight bearing bones of the legs, the pelvis, and the spine tend to be stronger than bones found in inactive people. High bone density is health and preventing unnecessary fractures. Individuals with high bone density usually have low risks of osteoporosis and other related bone fractures.

10. Overall body fitness

Running makes you fit overall in several ways apart from the bones and muscles. Running improves your cardiovascular system while improving your body’s ability to burn more calories. People who run often are fitter and have a rocked body figure than those who don’t run. Running makes the bones stronger as they can withstand the weight of the body and the stress of running.

Final Verdict

Running is one of the easiest cardio workouts people can perform from their homes without the use of any machines. Running can change your body composition in a positive way. In body composition, the muscles become lean; bones become strong and denser; organs are healthier and fat in burned more. What more can you want from running other than better health and overall fitness? The legs and buts become toned without the use of any body building supplements.

To experience these body changes, run consistently five to seven times a week for a period not less than 30 minutes. Keep your running intensity moderate at first and increase it with time as your body gets used to running. Running on a regular basis will change your body out and inside making you a better person. The mind will feel relieved, and you will feel stress-free for most of the time. There are just so many benefits for running.

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