Mizuno Wave Catalyst Review

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Mizuno is a Japanese company who has been making fabulous sportswear for a long time. Mizuno has produced many high-quality running shoes for runners. Mizuno Wave is an another amazing running shoe from them. Today, we will provide Mizuno Wave Catalyst review, hope you enjoy it.

Want to hit the pavement with a shoe which offers great support with out-of-the-box comfort? Think no more, and check out Mizuno Wave catalyst review.


Mizuno wave catalyst is available for both men and women. Mizuno Wave catalyst is widely loved by flat feet runners for it’s good cushioning and stability.


Mizuno Wave Catalyst Review
Mizuno wave catalyst is a versatile, low-to-the-ground lightweight running shoe for everyday training and casual running. The stunning balance of speed and support makes it a good running shoe for mild overpronators, hill, and midfoot runners. Shop now at Amazon.com. Shop now at Amazon.com

Mizuno Wave Catalyst Review


Mizuno Wave Catalyst looks a traditional running shoe, which comes with flame-inspired vinyl type design on the side.


Mizuno Wave catalyst is available for different colors like red, blue, green, and more. So if you are choosy about colors, there’s nothing much to worry about. I know we should not choose running shoes by color, but it feels good to see a vibrant color on Mizuno Wave catalyst.


Like most Mizuno running shoes, Mizuno Wave Catalyst also comes with the runbird logo. They stitched the runbird logo on the back of the wave catalyst and placed on the toe box overlay.

Mizuno Wave Catalyst

Who will love Mizuno Wave Catalyst?

Mizuno Wave Catalyst is a lightweight running shoe with advanced stability for runners who love fast-paced workouts. Mizuno Wave Catalyst is great for daily training also. Mizuno wave catalyst is ideal to use on the road, but not for trail running.


The decent amount of cushioning with the help of good stability, it also makes a cut for being a day-to-day conventional running shoe. It has a good balance of speed and support. So if you are happy with such criteria, Mizuno Wave Catalyst is a good option for you.


Mizuno Wave Catalyst is a good running shoe for heel and midfoot runners; and overpronators. The 10mm drop and the X10 midfoot landing area makes it great to be used by heel or midfoot runner.

Mizuno Wave Catalyst review


Mizuno Wave Catalyst come with a decent upper which is not excellent but does the job well. The upper is decently wrapped into the mid section of the shoe.


The tongue used is very soft and the adequate cushioning makes it very comfortable. It is very important to have a breathable upper to make your feet fresh.


One great thing about the upper is that the overlays on the heel side won’t make you feel annoyed as they are placed strategically. The reinforced mesh and the stitching can’t be felt on the foot.



A lot of runners need stability shoes, and they suffer to find a good one. Mizuno Wave catalyst is one of my favorite stability shoes for it’s sculpted lateral forefoot. The sculpted lateral forefoot comes super hand when it comes to stability. Despite the fact that Mizuno wave catalyst is lightweight, it has a great stability for runners with overpronation.


Fan-Shaped Wave Plate

Mizuno uses different types of Mizuno wave plates in different types of shoes. Mizuno wave catalyst comes with fan-shaped wave plate. Mizuno wave catalyst offers fan-shaped wave plate which is super beneficial for a smoother landing and heel strike transition. Different wave uses different heights for an enhanced stability and cushioning.

Mizuno Wave Catalyst sole

Mizuno Wave Catalyst comes with rubber sole


Mizuno Wave catalyst offers a good traction on almost all surfaces except slippery rocks. I have mentioned already that it is good for use on road only. You can use this on roads, concrete paths, grasses and plain soil, but using it on slippery terrains is not a good idea. That’s just my findings.



Mizuno Wave catalyst has a superb fit which leads to offer a good amount of comfort. Once you pop your feet on them, you will feel the excellent snug fit. However, if you are not a big fan of a snug fit, you may have to buy an another pair or a larger size. To me, it was good.

Mizuno wave catalyst comes with a lightweight and decent cushioning. It’s not more or less than the standard for me.

One downside is the upper could be designed better for providing more comfort to fastidious runners like me. It’s perfectly ok when I use socks, but still, bugs me when I feel the Runbird logo on the medial side. If you wear socks, then this little thing won’t bug you.


In a nutshell, Mizuno wave catalyst offers a decent amount of comfort.



Let me get one thing straight, lightweight shoes usually have low durability. You will be surprised to know that Mizuno Wave Catalyst has a very good durability. As for the last couple of weeks, Mizuno Wave catalyst isn’t showing any signs of fading or tearing apart anytime soon. So from the observations, I can say that this is doing well at the moment, and it shows it has a good durability.



Despite all the features and functionalities, Mizuno Wave Catalyst comes at a decent price tag. It’s not cheap but decent enough for most runners. As I have mentioned, the upper portion could be slightly better for more comfortable feeling. However, the pricing is fair for me. Check the women version at amazon.

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  • The new performance support allows Wave catalyst to offer right amount of support
  • The sculpted lateral forefoot offer’s better stability
  • Lightweight
  • Excellent upper fit with high breathability
  • Available in different colors and sizes
  • Mizuno Wave catalyst offer good responsiveness which leads to smooth ride to the users
  • Removable foam insole
  • Pebax Fan Wave for smooth landing with heel strike transitions
  • Plush tongue and collar
  • Good for overpronation and flat feet runners


  • Not for long distance running
  • Snug fit might be annoying for some runner
  • Runbird logo stitched on the upper


Final Verdict

Personally, I am a big fan of lightweight shoes, and it perfectly makes sense that I will love Mizuno Wave catalyst. Yes, you have guessed it right. I just loved the Mizuno Wave catalyst. I used Mizuno Wave catalyst for three weeks and loved those days. Though I don’t have overpronation, I really loved the support and decent cushioning. The excellent balance of speed and support was perfect for my daily training purposes.

The excellent balance of speed and support was perfect for my daily training purposes. Mizuno Wave Catalyst is great to be used for such activities and short running sprees. If you are looking for running over 10 miles, it might not be the best shoe for you. So if the bill fits you, you can grab a pair of Mizuno Wave catalyst. I hope you liked the Mizuno Wave catalyst review and don’t forget to share with your friends.

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