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Nike Air Max Torch 4 was introduced in 2015, and despite its inexpensive pricing and superb quality, very few people know the name of this running shoe series. It is an excellent shoe for a runner who loves lightweight shoes with cushioning. Nike used breathable mesh and synthetic upper in Air Max Torch 4 to make it suitable for walking, running, and casual strolling. The midsole of the boot features Phylon throughout the forefeet for a great toe-off. It also features a durable full-length 1000 carbon rubber outsole. In a nutshell, it will be hard to find such good shoe at a cheap price.

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Nike Air Max Torch 4

Torch 4 is a lightweight running shoes packed with numerous features, technologies, and a stunning look.

  • Extremely comfortable shoe
  • High-quality materials used
  • Breathable mesh upper
  • Lightweight but durable
  • Low price
  • Stylish design
  • Sole could be thicker
  • Wouldn’t recommend for extra long runs


If you are into running shoes, you probably know that most of the times the upper is made of mesh and synthetic. Well, Nike also used breathable mesh and synthetic upper in Air Max Torch 4 in an athletic running style. Due to the breathable mesh and synthetic upper, it makes this running shoe breathable and comfortable. Nike also put a toe box on the Air Max Ultra, and it’s quite spacious. Due to the spacious design, the toes get an ample space with an extra movement for the user.


Nike used full-length 1000 carbon fiber rubber waffle outsole in the Air Max Torch 4. The outsole used in this shoe has high durability and offers excellent traction. The rubbers used on the boot is quite thick and makes it durable to withstand harsh terrains. I saw a couple of people running a marathon with this shoe, and it performed well as per their statements. As mentioned earlier, the traction of this boot makes it possible to run on almost all terrains.


One thing that the Nike Air Max Torch 4 excels in is the comfort level. Hundreds of runners have expressed that this shoe is one of the most comfortable shoes they have ever used. One of the primary reasons would be the high breathability. As you already know, the Torch 4 is very lightweight, and the upper deliver significant support with comfort to the foot. The air cushioning and the padding will keep your footsies feel great for a long period of time. Nike Torch 4’s snug fit will be loved if you like cozy fits, but if you have wide feet, then this may not be the best option for you. Overall, the comfort level of this shoe is high and can be used for a long time.


If we consider the size 11.5, the Torch 4 weighs 3oz, and the bigger sizes are heavier. You can easily understand that this is definitely not the most lightweight shoe on the market. But, we have to consider the materials used for the cheap shoe. For example, it is a mixture of mesh and synthetic leather with a decent amount of cushioning. As a result, it is slightly heavier than assumed. Nike also used air bubble with dense plastic in the sole of the boot which adds extra amount of weight to the shoe.


Even though breathable mesh is used in the upper, we think that Nike could have done more for the sake of high breathability. As mentioned earlier, the toe box has a spacious design, and it makes it easier for the user to have some comfort. If you are running for a short period of time, it should not be a problem for you. But if you are going to run for a long time, then you may end up having a sweaty foot. Nonetheless, some of the runners ran a marathon, and said it wasn’t the same case for them. Some of them felt the breathability was enough in the Nike Air Max Torch 4.


Every time I buy a shoe, I always think about the durability. Sure, other factors are important, but durability is most important to me. The reason is simple: I am paying my hard-earned money for this. In my opinion, the material used for the Air Max Torch 4 is subpar. But the surprising thing is that the final good, the shoe itself, has decent durability. The upper uses synthetic and mesh to ensure the boots upper is durable. As the sole is made of rubber, it has decent durability. I have seen cases where different people wearing this boot has a different opinion about the durability of the boot. I think it is wise to not to use this boot it extreme/harsh terrain. 


The Torch 4 may not be the safest boot in the world, but surely it does offer a decent protection to your foot. The upper is made of soft material, but the layering system keeps the wearer’s leg protected. You will find different guards strategically placed in this boot: the upper of the shoe, toe guard, heel guard, and splash guard. All of these combinedly offers a decent protection to the runner. What’s more, the sole of Air Max Torch 4 is made of strong rubber, and it can withstand different types of terrain.


Nike Air max torch 4 comes with a minimalist midsole. Unlike most of the shoes, Nike has loaded the back of the shoe with its foam material. It may sound weird, but it actually helps to increase the comfort and the heel-to-toe transition.


Have you seen how the Nike Air Max Torch 4 looks? It’s stunning. Nike has meticulously crafted this incredible shoe with all the necessary elements. The shape of the boot with the low-top design not only adds extra mobility but increase the beauty of the shoe. You can buy this stunning shoe in more than 10 different colors. Due to the color pattern and the shape, it can be worn with current trends. No matter if you are planning it for running, a casual walk or day to day, it got you covered.


Considering all the features and the materials used in the Torch 4, it is inexpensive. So, if you are looking for a versatile running shoe without breaking your bank, you should give a try to the Torch 4. Coming from a famous manufacturer, Nike, this lightweight shoe packs excellent features, and promises high quality. If you are okay with the snug fit, then this value-packed running shoe should be a great addition to your moving journey. Additionally, we all know how much Nike cares about their shoes, and finding a shoe in this price range will be very tough.

Final Verdict

Running shoes are the most important gear if you decide to run. There are tons of running shoes available in the market, but finding one which has great features, and comes at a reasonable price is quite tough. Nike Air Max Torch 4 is a fantastic shoe with exceptional abilities. Not only high-quality materials were used to make this shoe, but a lot of cool technologies were used to allow the runner most confidence and comfort. For example, the air pods, reflective measure, and phylon forefoot make it a crime not to check this shoe.


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