Nike Lunarglide 7 review

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Lunarglide 7 is the latest member of the Nike Lunar family. Like it’s predecessors, Nike Lunarglide 7 also comes with amazing features to help you run better. In this Nike Lunarglide 7 review, we will discuss the benefits, efficiencies, comfort, stability, and features of Nike Lunarglide 7.

Nike Lunarglide is an excellent lightweight shoe which ensures a smooth experience with heel-to-toe responsiveness. The stability, cushioning and decent price makes Lunarglide 7 a great lightweight running shoe.

Nike Lunarglide 7 is an excellent running shoe for both males and females. With durable construction and lightweight design, it is there to hit the track like never before.


Nike Lunarglide 7 review
Nike Lunarglide 7 combines stability, lightweight and comfort for better running for more miles. With a decent price and better stability, this is one of my most favorite running shoes. Shop now at


Who Will Be Benefitted with Nike Lunarglide 7?

If you are looking for a lightweight running shoe, Nike Lunarglide 7 is there for you. It is primarily built for the runner looking for a lightweight shoe. Despite being lightweight, it offers excellent cushioning and stability for overpronation.

The “Flyknit” upper, pressure-mapped outsole along with the responsive Lunarlon midsole makes it a great running shoes which can be used as a daily trainer or racer.



Just like the previous Lunarglide models, Lunarglide 7 also comes with a stylish and useful design for easy running. Nike Lunarglide 7 comes in different colors and sizes. Lunarglide 7 is available in so many colors that it will be a problem for color maniacs like me.

I have personally liked the Lunar Glide series shoes, and Lunarglide 7 is not an exception. Lunarglide 7 offers a sturdy yet lightweight design along with strategically placed material to enhance your running experience.

If you can remember the previous Lunarglide models, you will realize that the upper of the Nike Lunarglide 7 has been redesigned. It is engineered with mesh and Flyknit material to provide a lightweight and comfortable support to the users. The flyknit mesh and cable have completely changed the course of having a lightweight shoe.
Nike Lunarglide 7 shoe


One of the most important things about Nike Lunarglide 7 is its lightweight design and material. If you love to get lightweight running shoes, Nike Lunarglide 7 should be a good choice for you. There are several sizes of Lunarglide 7 is available, and all of them are lightweight. As a result, you will be able to run with ease.

Even though Nike Lunarglide 7 is lightweight, it offers excellent stability.
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Comfort And Breathability

Comfort is a crucial issue while choosing a shoe for running. Running shoes without a proper comfort feature will not only hold you down but might cause damage to your feet.

Nike Lunarglide 7 comes with the Nike Flyknit construction on both heel and midfoot. This offers to have an enormous amount of comfort to the users.

There is flymesh on the forefoot which provides a lightweight and supportive comfort to the runners. What’s more, the ventilation system makes it highly breathable. The Flymesh makes Nike Lunarglide 7 more breathable than typical running shoes. I used to own running shoes with poor breathability which caused me discomfort while running.

If you have been running for a  few weeks, you will also accept that breathability is a critical thing to consider while purchasing a shoe. Nike Lunarglide 7 offers the breathability at the point it is needed most.

Nike Lunarglide 7 comes with Flyknit material and Flywire cable for excellent breathability and supports

As a result, it is possible to run more miles with Lunarglide 7 than mosy typical running shoes.


Responsive Cushioning for More Comfort

Nike Lunarglide 7 Review

Nike Lunarglide 7 comes with a great amount of responsive cushioning to take comfort an extra level further. The two-piece & dual-density Lunarlon midsole offers a softer foam core for better stability, fit and comfort. There is firmer foam on the medial side which is lightweight & responsive ride for better support. The Lunarlon foam is inside the midsole but not as an angular or beveled shape. It is placed in such a way that it makes the center more soft with stability.



A good running shoe with high breathability, comfort and durability will cost you a lot. I don’t know how but Nike manages to offer Lunarglide 7 at a very decent price range. Both the men and women version of Nike Lunarglide 7 is available at a cheap cost. See details



  • Newly engineered mesh with Flyknit upper
  • Flyknit and Flywire upper combination offers a comfortable and secure fit
  • Comfortable design
  • Responsive cushioning for fit and support
  • Very lightweight
  • Ventilation for breathability
  • Dynamic Support platform in the midsole for better stability
  • Good Sung fit
  • Stylish design and different size for both male & female


  • Snug fit can be annoying for some users
  • The outsole could have offered better grip on wet surfaces


Final Verdict

I hope you have read the full Nike Lunarglide 7 review to know our findings on it.Nike has been offering great new features with improved support for their Lunarglide series. Nike Lunarglide 7 comes with great features.

The amazing stability, comfort, and responsiveness make Lunarglide 7 one of my favorite lightweight running shoe. I do use them as trainer shoes and sometimes do walking also. However, if you follow the whole review of Nike Lunarglide 7, you now know whether this is suitable for you or not.

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